September 1, 2015

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How can smartphones be more powerful AND more efficient?

By MediaTek

At MediaTek, we ask always ourselves how smartphones chipsets can offer higher performance while using less power. Generation-after-generation, our systems-on-chip contribute to better user experiences, slimmer device designs and more advanced multimedia features.

When we introduced CorePilot™, our innovative technology to assign tasks to each of the processor’s cores optimally, we knew it would enable our partner OEMs and carriers to create great devices that delight consumers.

We kept evolving this technology and are now introducing CorePilot™ 3.0 along with Tri-Cluster™, the World’s 1st Max.Min.Min CPU architecture to ensure all apps run smoothly while using as little power as necessary. Is that something your end-users may like?

Download this whitepaper and read more about this technology and how it could make a difference in your next smartphone device projects.


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