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Unlocking 5G with Telco Cloud

October 25, 2023

1 Min Read
Unlocking 5G with Telco Cloud
Futuristic holographic 5G digital wireless high speed fifth innovative generation for cellular network connectivity, high speed Internet broadband network and telecommunication concept with holographic city

This eBook examines CSPs’ existential struggle on the journey to a fully cloud-native 5G network. The outlook includes 5G Standalone launches, 5G greenfield opportunities, and the overall telco cloud through 2028. Also evaluated are the means to mitigate issues CSPs face on this journey, including three critical precepts for success. The report covers the following:

  • What are CSPs’ top three challenges with the cloud-native 5G core?

  • What is the likely rollout of 5G standalone networks?

  • What is the 5G telco cloud outlook?

  • How can CSPs mitigate the issues on this journey?

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