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Telecoms.com Webinars Powered by OMDIA

Align your brand with the most compelling topics in the telecoms and tech market and generate high quality leads.

New for 2024, Telecoms.com has partnered with OMDIA, a leading global analyst and research leader in technology. Together, our unrivalled reach of first party data and OMDIA’s expert analysis of topics bring you webinars that appeal to the most senior decision-makers within service providers.

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Each webinar is offered as an exclusive partnership with a single sponsor, featuring content and narrative led by an OMDIA analyst. Our analysts are renowned specialists in their field, ensuring maximum resonance with your target audience and the generation of leads of the highest quality.


OMDIA Webinar: Cloud-network convergence: will it facilitate the true connectivity of a digital world?

Cloud-network convergence—not telco cloud—is the way forward and an inevitable trend of digital transformation. This webinar will help to uncover the details - that how Cloud-network convergence will help service providers redefine and modernize their underlay IP transport networks for AI-enabled emerging and intelligent use cases and smart applications.

Moderated by Sameer Ashfaq Malik


OMDIA Webinar: The future of broadband value-added services

Next-generation broadband value-added services could enable much needed new revenue opportunities. But which applications will consumers be willing to pay for, how should they be delivered, and what should be the telco's go-to-market strategy? This webinar will set out to help telcos answer such important questions and help telcos make a success out of broadband VAS. 

Moderated by Michael Philpott


OMDIA Webinar: Consumer engagement - the telco physical store is far from dead!

Our recent consumer engagement survey shows around half of people still like to visit telco stores. But with handset sales in the doldrums, how can telcos reinvent the telco store experience? 

Moderated by Peter Boyland

OMDIA Webinar: Key digital operations transformation initiatives required to accelerate growth

How to deliver successful digital operations transformation, overcome key operational challenges, and enable innovation. Which telco IT domains require most attention if service providers are to deliver on growth opportunities. Accelerating cloud operations transformation, improving agility, and creating a data-driven and AI-enabled organization. The pros and cons of a stepwise or end-to-end approaches.  This webinar will explore the top telco digital operations transformation initiatives and how these can be used to help to accelerate.

Moderated by Kris Szaniawski


OMDIA Webinar: Delivering top quality telco digital customer experience

The need for better telco customer experience and what operations changes are required to enable this. The changes to customer engagement required to support this, as well as the role of telco AI and data in supporting it. The webinar will also explore the challenges associated with improving customer experience, including overcoming integration barriers, and better leveraging data within the telco organization. 

Moderated by Kris Szaniawski


OMDIA Webinar: Technologies and operational changes needed to enable digital service provider success 

Successfully managing the shift of telco IT to cloud, including cloud partnerships and cloud native approaches. Transforming telco software to cloud operations, the role of public cloud, SaaS, and cloud native evolution. Including the need to meet automation challenges to increase flexibility and operational efficiency.

Moderated by Kris Szaniawski

OMDIA Webinar: Grasping the telco AI opportunity

Key drivers for telco AI adoption, the current state of telco AI implementation, and the range of use cases currently available to telcos. The external and Internal customer-facing telco functions that can benefit from AI. Telco AI market dynamics, including market dynamics, deployment trends, issues to overcome, and outcomes that telcos hope to be able to realise. Including GenAI early telco trends, use cases, and opportunities.

Moderated by Roz Roseboro


OMDIA Webinar: How can telco edge cloud become a true revenue stream: from networking to computing

Through the cloudification of network functions, telcos have begun to lay the foundations of highly distributed computing environments on their networks. While this internal use of edge computing brings flexibility, efficiency and scalability to telcos, there is limited progress in serving external customers, enterprises, and consumers, with edge computing on public telco networks. In this webinar, we discuss how telcos can leverage and build upon their network clouds to carry third party workloads and create new steady revenue streams.

Moderated by Kerem Arsal


OMDIA Webinar: AI-powered RAN, what does it mean for vendors and service providers?

At this point, the industry is only scratching the surface of what AI can do to enhance mobile networks, but both operators and vendors are eager to explore the possibilities. For the RAN specifically, use cases are numerous including performance optimization, operations and maintenance automation, and energy savings.

Moderated by Remy Pascal


OMDIA Webinar: 5G Core - what does it mean to CSPs

5G Core deployments have been slow, but CSPs cannot monetise their 5G investments without it. What have been the challenges and what should vendors do to help. What are some of other 5G Core network functions and why they are relevant. What operators should look at in terms of enabling 5G roaming.

Moderated by Roberto Kompany

OMDIA Webinar: Energy efficiency in telecom networks - where should CSPs focus their efforts?

An examination of where the bulk of energy is consumed in telecom networks and what CSPs can do to reduce it. 

Moderated by James Crawshaw


OMDIA Webinar: API Exposure - a new opportunity for telcos

Telcos have been exposing SMS and voice capabilities to developers for years to enable A2P messaging. With Open Gateway and CAMARA APIs CSPs have an opportunity to grow this side of their business but they need to have the right technology building blocks in place. This webinar will explore these components and the opportunity they untap.

Moderated by James Crawshaw


OMDIA Webinar: Accelerating Cloud Native in Telco

CNF suppliers have struggled to comply with the cloud native and openness requirements of CSPs. This webinar will explore why closed architecture persists and what CSPs can do to encourage vendor compliance.

Moderated by Inderpreet Kaur


OMDIA Webinar: RAN Intelligent Control - automation and optimization of mobile networks

This webinar will explore how operators are implementing the RIC and the rich ecosystem of app developers that has emerged around this new construct. 

Moderated by Joe Hoffman


OMDIA Webinar: eSIM ready to take-off: business opportunities in travel and tourism

eSIM presents opportunities to expand the international roaming business and it enables travel specialists to develop ancillary services. Let's explore how.  

Moderated by Dario Talmesio

OMDIA Webinar: eSIM as a Telco transformation tool

eSIM is a disruptive technology for those who don't adopt it. Learn how to take advantage of it.

Moderated by Dario Talmesio

OMDIA Webinar: AI-efficiencies for Telcos 

What is Telco's best approach to implement AI for efficiency gains beyond networks? 

Moderated by Stephen Myers


OMDIA Webinar: AI regulation for Telcos

Understand how AI policies and regulation impact telecom operators.

Moderated by Stephen Myers

OMDIA Webinar: Sustainability in the broadband access network

Exploring the benefits of PON networks to drive operational efficiencies and support environmental and social directives.

Moderated by Jaimie Lenderman


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