Subscriptions wars: Super Bundling Awakens

Unlock the Future of Telco: Embrace Super Bundling and lead the subscription revolution with this insightful eBook.

May 8, 2024

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For over two decades, the battle to captivate subscribers has spanned various domains—from the streaming realms to the gaming frontiers. Content providers have tirelessly vied to secure a prime spot in consumer preferences.

Bango has released its latest research which delves into the dynamic landscape of subscription services, unveiling the latest strategic shifts and nascent trends. In 2023, we observed a backlash against expensive and disjointed offerings. Moving into 2024, the landscape is being reshaped by stringent password policies and innovative pricing structures, marking a new phase in the subscription saga.

Subscribers are now gravitating towards indirect subscriptions as their preferred choice. Examples such as cross-platform bundles that combine services like Prime and Paramount+, or comprehensive offerings like Uber One, signal a move towards a more consolidated market. Central to this emerging trend is the advent of Super Bundling—a strategy poised to redefine market norms.

Telecommunications companies, in particular, stand at the precipice of a significant opportunity. As the ecosystem evolves, telcos are uniquely positioned to expand their suite of value-added services, capitalizing on the Super Bundling wave. This approach not only promises to enhance customer retention but also opens new revenue streams by meeting the increasingly complex demands of modern consumers.

This report is a crucial resource for telcos aiming to navigate and thrive in this transformed market. It provides in-depth analysis and actionable insights that can help steer strategic decisions in the ever-evolving world of subscription services. To fully understand how to leverage these developments and propel your business forward, we invite you to download the complete research available in our eBook. This is your gateway to not just participating in the market evolution, but leading it. Discover how your company can harness the power of Super Bundling to deliver exceptional value and satisfaction to your customers.

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