Huawei Hosts European Carrier Executive Roundtable Summit to Discuss Green Target Network Strategy


March 1, 2023

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Huawei Hosts European Carrier Executive Roundtable Summit to Discuss Green Target Network Strategy
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Huawei hosted the European Carrier Executive Roundtable on February 28, including 12 carriers and industry organizations, during MWC2023. Zhou Yu, Huawei’s network consulting and system integration domain president, discussed Huawei’s value proposition and innovative practices in the green target network domain. He engaged in in-depth communication and lively discussions with the participating carriers on how to build a green, efficient, robust, and ultimate experience ICT infrastructure. The insights and contributions highlighted Huawei’s commitment to green technology and sustainable development.

Picture13.pngDecarbonization has become a common choice for global operators.

In today’s world, where decarbonization and digitalization trends are prevalent, operators face increasing pressure to improve network energy efficiency while reducing operating costs. However, operators also grapple with multiple challenges, including complex networks, rapid service changes, and weak business growth. Operators and analysts attending the meeting agreed that the green standard system still requires joint efforts from the industry to build and improve. In practice, operators have observed that the risks associated with green reconstruction cannot be ignored due to the complexity of network architecture and services. Failed reconstruction projects often adversely affect the network’s stable operation and negatively impact operators. Green reconstruction should focus on not only the site side, but also the reconstruction and utilization of central office buildings.

Considering these challenges, Zhou Yu highlighted Huawei’s efforts in working with carriers in joint innovation over the past three years. He said, “Huawei has provided strategic consulting, planning, design, and implementation of green target networks, garnering experience and extracting methodologies in the process. This has enabled Huawei to build all-scenario solution capabilities and improve the assessment system, thereby contributing to the development of green standards.”

The Huawei Green and Efficient Integration Solution is based on the Dual-E (Energy & Experience) Driven concept, prioritizing both network energy efficiency and user experience. Leveraging Huawei’s professional service capabilities, such as the leading network digital twin, Huawei provides network-level consulting and planning services for green target network evolution.

Huawei also offers an end-to-end network reconstruction solution from sites to aggregation and core equipment rooms. For mobile network energy-saving reconstruction, spectrum redeployment and baseband relocation based on five-level network restoration are used to increase asset utilization by more than 10% and achieve energy saving and emission reduction by more than 10%. In terms of all-optical network reconstruction, Huawei employs multiple technical capabilities, including invalid service clearing, legacy service migration, and automatic cutover, to save up to 60% of energy on the network without service loss. Moreover, Huawei utilizes advanced intelligent cabinets, blade power supply, and PV backup solutions to simplify site reconstruction through digital delivery, reducing carbon emissions by more than 35%. These energy-efficient solutions offered by Huawei are at the forefront of industry-leading technology, providing an effective and sustainable means to reduce carbon footprint while improving network performance.

As of 2022, Huawei’s green and efficient integration solution has been successfully deployed in over 30 countries, delivering more than 500,000 sites and over 100 networks. These efforts have saved 300 million kWh of electricity, reduced 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide, and contributed to the equivalent planting of 5.5 million trees.

Zhou Yu said, “Huawei is committed to high-quality, fast delivery, and stable network operation. In line with decarbonization and digitalization trends, Huawei will continue to build an end-to-end (E2E) green target network, covering sites and the entire network through professional integration services based on the Dual-E Driven concept. By doing so, Huawei aims to contribute key values to operators and enable them to achieve green and decarbonization goals and foster sustainable development.”

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