Will Your Open RAN Deployment Meet User Expectations?

March 1, 2023

Will Your Open RAN Deployment Meet User Expectations?
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Date: Mar 29, 2023

Date: March 29, 2023
Time: 11:00AM ET

It’s a simple and compelling vision: a new RAN, subdivided into plug and play functions, that opens the door to new levels of competition, innovation, and efficiency. But delivering on that vision is not simple. Open interfaces must enable precise timing and high performance between functions provided by multiple vendors. Virtualized software running on vendor-neutral hardware must scale to support heavy traffic loads and deliver high-quality services. There’s no room for error – the RAN uniquely shapes the customer experience and it carries all revenue-generating services – so it has to perform from day one.

Join our team of Open RAN experts – Gabriel Brown from Heavy Reading along with James Kimery and Anil Kollipara from Spirent – as they explore the latest techniques for assessing multi-vendor interoperability and performance for Open RAN technology. Understand the importance of accurately emulating real-world conditions during lab validation and why progressive testing, moving from isolated functional tests to full system tests, is a must. Most critically, learn why standards-based testing alone can’t answer the question of whether Open RAN will perform as expected when faced with the rigors of the real world.

Our panel of experts will cover the following topics:

  • The unique challenges O-RAN introduces to the market

  • Key differences in testing O-RAN and why it requires a fresh approach

  • Recommended best practices for validating Open RAN

  • How to use network emulation and traffic generation to model the real world

  • Why automation is critical to ensure continued success


Gabriel Brown – Heavy Reading
James Kimery – VP of Product Management – Spirent Communications
Anil Kollipara – Senior Director, Product Management – Spirent Communications

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