March 2, 2023

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Serverius and Huawei Sign a Memorandum on Joint Innovation of Anti-DDoS Technologies
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Serverius IT Infrastructure (Serverius) and Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on joint innovation of Anti-DDoS technologies during MWC 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. The two parties will develop and verify new Anti-DDoS technologies and work together to promote the development of network security. The MoU was signed by Gijs van Gemert, CEO of Serverius, and Ma Ye, President of Security Product Domain of Huawei Datacom Product Line. Alfred van den Berg(Head of Technical Infrastructure of Severius), Sergey Petukhin(Head of Connectivity Infrastructure of Serverius), Goce Markovski(Sales Director of Huawei ISP Key Account Dept), Yang Li(Product Executive of Huawei AntiDDoS) and Li Peixuan(Senior Marketing Manager of Huawei Security Product Marketing Dept) attended the signing ceremony.

Serverius and Huawei signed a MoU on Joint Innovation of Anti-DDoS Technologies

Serverius is an IT infrastructure supplier, provides network and security services such as colocation, connectivity, and Anti-DDoS attack defense for more than 2000 large enterprises around the world. As a leader of Anti-DDoS market in the Netherlands, Severius helps the customer to defend the multiple DDoS attacks every day.

Facing diversified services and complex DDoS attacks, traditional defense technologies fail and new defense methods are required. During the meeting, the two parties agreed on the future development of DDoS defense technologies and will jointly work to integrate intelligence into DDoS defense. The two parties discussed the protection of websites, games, apps, and APIs that are most vulnerable to DDoS attacks in data centers. In the future, the two parties will cooperate and innovate in defending against real source network-layer and application-layer attacks based on multi-dimensional source access behavior analysis.

Huawei HiSecEngine AntiDDoS12000 series provides the best Anti-DDoS solution with industry-leading performance, unique defense capability against encrypted traffic without decryption, and intelligent driving technology. Firstly, different from the industry’s CPU-based defense, Huawei AntiDDoS devices provide NP + CPU collaborative defense acceleration. The defense performance of a single device reaches 2.4 Tbit/s, ranking first in the industry. Secondly, traditional decryption defense for encrypted traffic greatly consumes system performance. Huawei AntiDDoS devices use machine learning algorithms to prevent encrypted traffic without decryption. Thirdly, Huawei provides 15+ expert policy templates, which automatically responds to 99% attack. The intelligent driving technology is able to automatically optimize policies to prevent attack leak.

Huawei Security Product Domain will continuously develop leading defense technologies, and build a solid security defense line against the challenges of increasing frequency, intensity, and complexity of DDoS attacks.


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