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New security standards comingNew security standards coming

James Middleton

August 30, 2006

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New security standards coming

New security standards for mobile devices are due to be formally announced at the CTIA Wireless show in Los Angeles next month.

Dubbed ‘Mobile Security Specification’ the new standards – backed by Nokia, France Telecom and Samsung – have been designed to shut down mobiles if they are stolen or lost. The security features will also make it much harder to tamper with a mobile device.

The Trusted Computing Group – best known for its standards work on PCs – has been involved the work behind the specification.

Mobile security remains a key industry concern, particularly as devices become more sophisticated. No announcements have been made on who or when the new specifications will be implemented.

MSS requires mobile manufacturers to force protected or sensitive information to be stored in a secure part of the device known as the Mobile Terminal Module. In the same way a PC prevents read-only files being erased or changed, so the MTM will protect its vital data.

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