Boosting Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency with Huawei's AI-Driven Software and Platforms

May 2, 2024

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[Shenzhen, China, April 17, 2024] The Huawei Analyst Summit, with the theme of “Thrive with Intelligence”, extensively dived into the increasing influence of AI in driving innovation and optimizing productivity across different sectors. Maurice Ma, President of Huawei Software domain, highlighted the transformative influence of generative AI on operators and enterprises in his interview.

James Crawshaw, Practice Leader from Omdia, was in a discussion with Maurice Ma to explore the impact of AI on further enterprise applications and domains. Maurice emphasized that AI has immense potential in generating new value, reducing transaction costs, and enhancing management efficiency.

The main application scenarios for generative AI are in the creation of marketing insights, marketing execution, automation and operations, with the first wave expected to occur in customer service, sales and marketing. Huawei is strategically investing in BSS (Business Support System) and reengineering its contact center system with AI implemented in multiple domains to support both customers and agents to sustain technological leadership.

Huawei Software's AI expertise provides deep insights into marketing service software for telecom operators and enterprises, aiding in their AI development. They actively leverage AI in their digital transformation, reshaping the marketing service sector.

Additionally, Maurice highlighted Huawei's AI successes. At Chengdu TAC, Huawei's enterprise customer service center, video IVR and intelligent workorder filling reduced customer waiting time for inbound calls by 50%, achieved 90% accuracy in workorder filling, cutting manual work by 20%, and attained a 100% quality inspection rate. These enhancements not only boosted user satisfaction but also generated 35 million CNY revenue in one quarter.
Huawei CBS's (Convergent Billing System) "Idea to Cash" was also highlighted at the conference. With a million-level offering library and GenAI integration, it reduces time to revenue (TTR) for new offers from months to just 3-4 weeks, accelerating carriers' service monetization.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Jiangsu Mobile, Huawei BSS successfully reduced the delivery time for requirements by 50% and the resolution time for problems by 49% using AIOps. The system efficiently self-heals 100% of process exceptions. This remarkable achievement led to the recognition of winning the prestigious 2023 Glotel Telecoms Excellence Award.

As the summit concluded, it was clear that Huawei's dedication to incorporating AI into its systems is not just about maintaining its leadership in technology. It's about shaping a future where AI-driven solutions lead to more efficient, customer-centric, and innovative business practices across industries. Huawei continues to pave the way for a smarter, more connected world, demonstrating the practical and impactful applications of AI in the enterprise domain.

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