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Huawei CloudFabric Solution Assists China Mobile’s MIGUHuawei CloudFabric Solution Assists China Mobile’s MIGU

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December 12, 2017

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Huawei CloudFabric Solution Assists China Mobile’s MIGU

Huawei announced that its CloudFabric Solution succeeded in helping China Mobile’s MIGU construct elastic, intelligent, and accurate converged data center (DC) IT resource pools, which are to be put into commercial use imminently.

As the only subsidiary of China Mobile that runs audio and video services, MIGU is responsible for platform construction, service operation, content cooperation, and new product development of audio and video services. The continuous service expansion poses the following challenges to data center networks that use traditional solutions:

  • Resource pooling: The number of servers required by a single DC increases from several hundred to tens of thousands. In addition, intra-DC and inter-DC converged IT resource pools need to be constructed.

  • Automatic deployment: Rapidly emerging new services need to be provisioned on data center networks in minutes.

  • Refined O&M: On traditional data center networks, statistics and analysis are coarse-grained and non-real-time. This means the quality of connections cannot be presented in real time. Huawei provides the software-defined networking (SDN)-based CloudFabric Solution that easily meets service requirements of MIGU through the following features:

    • Resource pooling is implemented on data center networks to achieve cost-effective construction of large Layer 2 networks, as well as intra-DC and inter-DC smooth VM migration and capacity expansion.

    • Huawei’s application-driven Agile Controller is leveraged for automated provisioning of services, with the duration shortened from weeks to minutes.

In addition, Huawei CloudFabric Solution provides the following capabilities for the end-to-end planning, deployment, and O&M of cloud data center networks:

  • SDN-based graphical network planning and design: provides graphical tools for network planning and design, a guide for network service changes and emergency troubleshooting, and assistance in network redundancy and disaster recovery design, facilitating more efficient and accurate network planning and design.

  • Automatic network deployment: provides unified installation and deployment tools for cloud data center networks to automatically deploy cloud platforms, SDN controllers, and various network devices, shortening the deployment time of cloud data center networks from more than one day to just one hour.

  • Real-time and accurate network status monitoring: supports visibility of the application, logical, and physical network topologies, and real-time port status and microburst congestion management. 80% faults can be located within 15 minutes.

  • Big data-based log, alarm, and traffic analysis: provides a big data-based platform for analyzing logs, alarms, and traffic, implementing network connection quality and traffic statistics and analysis.

“The commercial use of Huawei CloudFabric Solution at MIGU is a milestone in the joint innovation between MIGU and Huawei,” said Yu Li, General Manager of Huawei Data Center Network Domain. “In the future, Huawei and MIGU will strengthen cooperation and construct future-oriented cloud data center networks to promote the exploration of new services.”

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