Transforming customer engagement in telecoms with GenAI

In the run up to the DTW24 Ignite event in Copenhagen, Amdocs and Microsoft have reimagined the telco experience through generative AI (GenAI).

June 10, 2024

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With their recently deepened partnership, Amdocs and Microsoft have released a new Customer Engagement Platform powered by GenAI that not only improves customer experience but also aims to generate new and faster revenue streams.

At different sessions during the event, Amdocs and Microsoft executives will be discussing strategies for an AI-native telco future. They will focus on the transformative power of AI that can underpin the telco digital transformation, with new telco-specific use cases and innovative applications.

Against this backdrop, this article showcases the key features of the Amdocs telecom-specific and GenAI-driven Customer Engagement Platform. It further explores its collaborations with industry leaders at DTW24 Ignite.

Addressing industry challenges through GenAI

According to a 2023 survey, 86% of communication service providers (CSPs) find it extremely challenging to update their current customer and/or digital experience platforms, while 82% of respondents in communication and media organizations are seeking to lower service complexity and drive operational improvements.

Recent developments in both predictive and generative AI mean that CSPs can now apply operational efficiencies while adding scale and relevance to their offerings. In the past CSPs have underperformed in customer service and e-commerce when compared to over-the-top (OTT) players. This is primarily the result of disparate traditional telco systems lacking seamless integration and automation.

As such, there is a clear need for adopting new approaches to solve CSPs challenges, including new ways to offer differentiated services while boosting employee experience and productivity and customer engagement.

But the modernization of customer journeys demands specialized expertise that adhere to industry standards and the TM Forum (TMF) principles and consider the complex service life-cycle managements while ensuring proper handovers to ordering, fulfilment, and ongoing monetization.

It is also increasingly becoming important to adopt new approaches and strategies and to grow investments in proactive and personalized experiences that provide more context, collaboration, and more control for users.

The Amdocs and Microsoft telco-native platform caters to all of these different industry challenges and needs of today.

Amdocs Customer Engagement Platform and strategic partnership with Microsoft

Through its deepened strategic partnership with Microsoft, Amdocs is driving innovation in the GenAI space and across the telecommunications industry.

“We are at the forefront of driving innovation by bringing advanced GenAI capabilities to our customers, enabling CSPs to accelerate their transformation with cutting-edge technologies from both Amdocs and Microsoft, embedded into the Customer Engagement Platform” said Ron Surets Vice President, Head of Portfolio Product Management, Amdocs Technology.

“The combined GenAI-powered solutions, integrated with a Telco-specific framework and built-in Copilots, create unparalleled experiences tailored for the telecom industry. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to leading technological advancements in telecoms”.

The partnership has centred around R&D to bring a broad set of verticalized capabilities to the telecommunications industry and to accelerate GenAI adoption. One of the key resulting products is the Customer Engagement Platform, a complete telco-verticalized CRM solution, serving both the consumer (B2C) and enterprise (B2B) markets, spanning across all telco applications as well as offering process integration. Delivering the integration also means that it is an Amdocs-only solution.

This single and unified platform is powered by GenAI and is based on low-code technology, data, and AI platforms including, Microsoft’s Copilot and Amdocs’ amAIz.

It enables the AI-driven experiences customers expect and proactively recommends customers personalized and context-aware suggestions in real-time and based on the customer’s 360 profile.

This purpose-built platform, embedded with Copilots, seamlessly integrates a unified catalog with commerce and order management, marketing, and customer service capabilities (including customer billing care). Serving across any channel, application, and line of business, and open to third-party integration, it drives B2C and B2B revenue potential for CSPs.

Additionally, it forms a cohesive B2B solution that includes purpose-built sales and configure-price-quote (CPQ Pro) tools. The platform is fully open and modular, meaning it enable a gradual approach to modernizing business priorities.

Further, it enhances the B2B segment, making it a more streamlined and holistic solution, while serving the entire lead-to-care cycle for all B2B customers at any size and scale. It caters for differentiated service offerings, integrating more flexibility and better user experience and responsiveness.

Addressing the full lifecycle, the end-to-end solution (from onboarding through to ongoing purchases and post-purchase care and support) simplifies everything from lead generation to contract signing, and from service customization to network provisioning and monetization of the service.

The platform empowers operator sales agents and business users to easily configure service options and proposals themselves with the assistance of built-in copilot that comes with built-in telco use cases. Unified engines of the platform also underpin both initial sales and ongoing service management, accelerating the sales cycle while reducing errors and elevating the B2B journey.

Improving time-to-market and introducing simplicity and efficiency means that these GenAI-led features help CSPs increasingly edge closer to the agile, fully digital, and seamless capabilities of OTT players while eliminating service complexities and many other challenges of the traditional telco.

Call to action

As GenAI continues to evolve and mirror human-like intelligence, the technology promises new opportunities for the industry such as enabling access to much-needed new revenue streams. But those who are keen to effectively monetize new B2B services, reduce complexities, and unlock new revenue streams, should think about prioritizing investments on comprehensive end-to-end customer engagement solutions.

At the DTW24 Ignite event attendees are invited to head to the Day 1 Headliner spot with Amdocs, Microsoft, and Nvidia. They will learn more about how to apply GenAI at scale and how to move from the hype to successful deployments. They will also pick up the latest tips and tricks for the journey to enhanced productivity.

For strategies that are redefining telco customer experiences through GenAI, attendees can register their interest here to save their spot at the CSP exclusive spotlight session led by top executives from Microsoft and Amdocs. This session will offer a practical discussion on GenAI-led telco use cases spanning both the consumer and enterprise domains. Attendees will also learn more about the latest research, proof-of-concepts, and best practices.

Finally, CSPs interested in a 1-2-1 chat can visit the Amdocs booth and meet Amdocs’ executives in person at DTW24 Ignite in Copenhagen.

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