Huawei Unlocks Early 5G Opportunities for Mobile Operators

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As MWC Barcelona 2019 approaches, the buzz over 5G – the next-generation of mobile technology – is reaching fever pitch. The real question though, for consumers and business alike, is whether 5G will arrive in 2019, and if it does, what that means for them.

Huawei, the world’s biggest supplier of telecoms equipment and a powerhouse of technology innovation, is working with telecom operators across the world to make 5G a commercial reality this year.

Having spent a decade researching and developing 5G technology to become a pioneer in the next-generation wireless network, Huawei has already signed 5G commercial contracts with 30 operators across the world, with most of them in Europe and the Middle East, to provide services that will underpin many sectors of tomorrow’s digital economy.

As the only supplier that can support a full 5G end-to-end network with solutions. Huawei has successfully shown how its 5G solutions will enable operators to address growing data traffic to offer applications such as 4K/8K video streaming and cloud virtual reality/augmented reality, which enables revolutionary applications that run the gamut from self-driving cars, factory robots and connected drones.

By deploying Huawei’s wideband and Massive MIMO technologies, operators can significantly increase the capacity of their networks to deliver a 1Gbps user experience. This will pave the way for business model innovation while allowing pricing based on speed to drive profitable growth. It’s no surprise then, that Huawei has shipped more than 40,000 base stations, setting a new record for the industry and its 5G equipment is already being deployed by major operators around the world.

A significant number of operators are working with Huawei to boost their revenues in the home broadband market this year by bringing new fixed wireless access (FWA) services to the market that is helping them win new customers. A great example can be seen in Huawei’s 5G partnership with VIVA Kuwait, one of the premier mobile operators in the state of Kuwait. Through the partnership, VIVA Kuwait is using Huawei’s leading 5G end-to-end capabilities as well as innovative products and solutions to overcome 5G deployment challenges and to achieve business success.

According to Mr. Zarrar Khan, Chief Technology Officer at VIVA Kuwait, “We have the highest traffic per subscriber in the world, which puts a lot of stress on our network when it comes to network technology or the spectrum usage. At the beginning when we sowed 5G and saw what 5G has to offer, we tried to achieve two core objectives: one, maintain customer experience; second, reduce the cost of delivery. When we partnered with Huawei, Huawei helped us achieve both. As development and trials gain pace in 2019, we have decided to launch a significant 5G rollout. We believe adopting 5G early by partnering with Huawei is going to meet the customer experience, but also the shareholders’ expectation.”

Moving forward, Huawei will continue to provide customers with innovative, trusted, and secure 5G solutions. At MWC 2019, Huawei kicked off with the theme of building a fully connected intelligent world, one of the highlights was the demonstration of the 4K video-on-demand service on a Huawei’s unprecedented 5G foldable smartphone. 5G is on. It is time to be the 5G pioneer to seize the opportunities with 5G.

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