The Role of Virtualization in the Broadband HFC Network Evolution

October 20, 2020

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Date: Nov 19, 2020

Date: 19th Novembercommscope.png
Time: 10am UK Time

Service Providers need to evolve their networks to support the ever-growing demand for broadband bandwidth and video services. This requires a flexible and adaptable network deployment solution. Traditional, DAA and Virtualization architectures enable service providers to optimally evolve their broadband networks as needed. Using techniques such as Bandwidth reclamation, network channel optimization, and extending spectrum are all levers a network operator can use to meet the growing need for network capacity.

Our network experts will discuss these comprehensive approaches and how it relates to network virtualization of the control plane, the video plane and the data plane.

Operators do not need to embark on a forklift upgrade, but rather benefit from a gradual migration to Virtualization.

Join this webinar to learn about real examples from European markets as well as:

  • How to address the current and future challenges faced by the MSO in delivering bandwidth and services.

  • Managing the transition towards “cloud-native architectures”.

  • Introduction to Network Intelligence and Automation and how that can be applied to enhance operators’ efficiency.

  • Learn how DAA architectures and Orchestration complement one another.

Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager –
Jeroen Putzeys, RVP, Sales Service Provider EMEA – CommScope
Dave KeaneMirajkar, RVP, Solutions Architecture, Service Provider Sales EMEA – CommScope

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