The 5G mmWave Opportunity in Europe

August 22, 2019

Europe map with network points

Date: Sep 17, 2019

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Time: 10am UK Time

5G is here — we’ve seen mobile and operator 5G NR Sub6 launches roll out across Europe in 2019. In addition to sub-6GHz frequencies, 5G NR is the first generation of wireless communication systems to use above millimetre wave (mmWave) — a set of higher frequency bands that promises to unleash a large bandwidth opportunity for mobile communications. Not only will 5G NR mobile mmWave open doors to a vast amount of network capacity that will fuel the unlimited smartphone data plans we have come to love, but its fibre-like speeds and ultra-low latencies could also bring new and enhanced 5G mobile experiences to the masses, including boundless mobile extended reality (XR), private indoor enterprises, and many more.

Key topics include:
• The status of Sub-6 and mmWave 5G NR launches across the world, including Europe
• What are the key technical advances enabling mobile mmWave?
• What kinds of next-gen mobile experiences mmWave and 5G NR will unlock?
• How will mobile operators roll out mmWave in addition to LTE and Sub-6 NR?
• What is the impact of new regulation around the private use of mmWave frequencies?
• How can non-traditional operators and private entities utilise mmWave?

George Tsirtsis – Senior Director, Technology – Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.
Nicola Varanese – Senior Staff Engineer – Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.
Wei Shi – Intelligence Content Manager –

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