Network Capacity Planning - Moving Beyond Performance KPIs

August 22, 2018

Network Capacity Planning - Moving Beyond Performance KPIs

Date: Sep 25, 2018

Capacity planning in telecom networks is evolving from the traditional technology-driven approach to a data-driven approach focusing on ROI and customer experience. Although the current approach considers KPIs to enhance coverage and customer experience, it comes with significant investments, which can erode ROI.  Unsated user demand for bandwidth adds greater complexity to existing networks and calls for agile capacity planning methods that help drive greater ROI, superior customer experience and operational efficiency through automation.

What attendees will learn:

  • Why do standard capacity forecasting models fail to deliver in today’s complex digital services environment?

  • How can operators build a “smart” capacity planning model to improve both customer experience and ROI?

  • What strategies can be employed to reduce cost in existing networks while Telcos transition to SDN/NFV and 5G?

  • Beyond the hype… how can capacity planning be enhanced with machine learning?

Andrew Jacobs, Portfolio Head – Network Analytics – Subex
Anshul Bhatt, Product Manager, Network Analytics – Subex
Wei Shi, Head of Intelligence –

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