How to deliver the best-value FTTx deployment

September 4, 2020

How to deliver the best-value FTTx deployment

Date: Sep 29, 2020

Date: 29th Septembercommscope.png
Time: 10am UK Time

The world has never been craving reliable broadband connectivity as much as it is now, and fibre to the x (FTTx) is one of the strongest candidates to deliver it. Political and commercial pledges to deliver fibre connections have been made across the world. When such demand is translated into business cases, however, broadband operators and their partners need to balance priorities and take a wide range of factors into account. These include company strategy, environmental regulations, competition, legacy infrastructure, available resources and more. The right approach can help you maximize return on investment, accelerate speed of deployment, and realize a competitive advantage. There are multiple ways of rolling out FTTx networks to meet short-term demands. However, finding the best and most profitable long-term solution requires deep understanding and definition of a wide range of parameters and goals.

In this webinar we will discuss how to adopt the best approaches to fibre network architecture and how to optimise your business goals. We will cover:

  • What are fibre operators’ strategic imperatives and major challenges

  • How to optimise the total cost of ownership

  • How to expediate the deployment of future-ready fibre networks

  • Real-life successes of fibre network architecture design and deployment in different market environments

Bart Van Meeuwen, Director, Field Application Engineer Europe, Outside Plant Cable – CommScope
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager –

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