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As has become the tradition networking vendor Ericsson has announced a bunch of its MWC launches well in advance of the big mobile trade show.

Scott Bicheno

February 3, 2016

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Ericsson unveils its MWC 2016 collection

As has become the tradition networking vendor Ericsson has announced a bunch of its MWC launches well in advance of the big mobile trade show.

Mobile Broadband for Everyone is actually a suite of products designed to generally improve the WDCMA network in terms of performance, coverage and efficiency. The specifics will follow, and this set of announcements seems to be more of an hors d’oeuvre, but each one has a handy video to explain further.



A refresh of Ericsson Radio System hardware and software is being positioned as ‘delivering extreme app coverage’, as well as part of the evolution towards 5G, inevitably. It includes support for 1Gbps LTE peak data rates, hyper-scalable radio access network architecture for Cloud RAN and support for 4×4 MIMO and new spectrum bands.



Ericsson is enhancing its Experience Centric Managed Services offering with the addition of a Service Operations Center, which monitors service performance in real time, and an Experience Management Center, which monitors consumer experience.



Revenue Manager is positioned as an evolution of Ericsson’s BSS portfolio, with an emphasis on being cloud-ready and thus highly configurable and scalable. Ericsson claims it will halve the cost of launching new services.



Lastly there was one other announcement from Ericsson today: the establishment of an industry patent licensing platform for IoT. This is being positioned as an ‘independent’ platform for licensing of standardized technology to device manufacturers, and it will use a revenue sharing model for contributing companies, who will allow the platform to license on their behalf.

The new organisation will be headed up by by Kasim Alfalahi, who will leave his current role as Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Ericsson. “We are initiating this market place following discussions with both wireless industry players and key players in industry verticals,” said Alfalahi. “This platform shows Ericsson’s and my personal commitment to provide a solution that works to the benefit of all parts of the ecosystem.”

“Under Kasim’s leadership Ericsson has established a leading position in the IPR licensing market,” said Ercisson CEO Hans Vestberg. “As more and more industries embrace connectivity and the Internet of Things, it is crucial that essential technology is accessible and that innovators continue to get fair returns on R&D investments. With his experience Kasim is the right person to drive this exciting new opportunity to accelerate market development.”

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