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Climate Action Digital Symposium - Taking a closer look at risks and opportunities

August 31, 2022

Climate Action Digital Symposium - Taking a closer look at risks and opportunities

Date: Oct 11, 2022

Sponsored by Intel, Red Hat, ZTE

Date: Tuesday 11th October 2022
Time: 2:30 PM UK timesponsors_landscape.png


This is a special digital event focusing on the role of telecoms in combatting climate change.

It will investigate climate related risks and threats, discuss how the climate change challenge can be turned into an opportunity for the telecoms industry, look into the biggest operational and market impediments the industry faces, and explore the solutions and best practices that are already on the market.

  • What are the risks and threats from climate change for the industry?

  • What commercial opportunities does climate action present for telcos and vendors alike?

  • What are consumers demanding from their operators and device manufacturers and what best practice examples have we seen on the market already?

  • How far can circular economy support the industry in its efforts to combat climate change?


Armita Satari – Head of Custom Content – Telecoms.com
Grace Donnelly – Senior Consultant – STL
William Caban – Global Telco Chief Architect – Red Hat
Marlow Weston – Cloud Software Architect – Intel
Amy Cameron – Research Director – STL
Jérôme Goulard – Chief Sustainability Officer – Orange Business Services
Jiashun Tu – Principle Scientist of NFV/SDN solution – ZTE
Martin Creaner – Director General – World Broadband Association

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