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Agile Integration for OSS/BSS Flexibility, Reusability & Scale

September 23, 2019

OSS BSS in the form of binary code, 3D illustration

Date: Nov 19, 2019

Date: 19th NovemberREDH-AT.png
Time: 5pm UK Time

Disparate operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) generally lack interoperability, limiting the exchange of data. Further, while existing solutions may have significant value to offer, they typically lack the flexibility to access the embedded metrics and data needed to synthesize more holistic views and address complex problems across solutions. OSS and BSS modernization demands continuous evolution and innovation that in turn requires legacy and evolving technologies to work together seamlessly.

Red Hat Consulting’s application programming interface (API)-centric approach to integration addresses these issues to create modern, flexible solutions across old and new systems. During this webinar, we’ll discuss an agile integration framework that can wrap legacy systems to deliver new interfaces and combine these with new, container-based architectures of evolving OSS/BSS environments to deliver highly flexible, holistic solutions.

Topics include:

• Modernizing OSS/BSS integration architectures
• Inventory federation
• Trouble ticketing systems synchronization

Dr. Mark Mortensen, Principal Analyst for Communications Software – ACG Research
Ryan Highley, Architect – Red Hat
Carl Mes, Senior Consultant – Red Hat

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