T-Mobile US taps Airties for Smart Wi-Fi & Other Updates

May 23, 2024

At Network X US, we were fortunate to catch up with Airties’ CEO and founder, Metin Taskin to discuss Airties’ recent deployment with T-Mobile US, the growing trend of fixed wireless, and Airties’ continued market leadership position in Smart Wi-Fi.  In this video, you’ll hear why technology partners like Qualcomm, and many of the world’s leading service providers such as AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Telecentro, Telstra, T-Mobile US, and Vodafone are teaming up with Airties to help improve the broadband experience in homes around the globe. Airties’ portfolio includes Smart Wi-Fi software for home gateways, a cloud-based management platform, mesh extenders, and a suite of testing and professional services – including a new continuous test automation platform, called Airties Orbit. Learn about all of this and more in this video, and by visiting www.airties.com.

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