T-Mobile UK gives away wifi access

James Middleton

January 9, 2008

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T-Mobile UK gives away wifi access

UK mobile operator T-Mobile UK said Wednesday that it has bundled unlimited wifi access in with its Web’n’Walk Plus and Max plans.

Starting at £12.50 per month, when connecting with a Flext mobile contract, the service gives users access to the internet using their laptops over 3G HSDPA and wifi.

T-Mobile UK has around 1,000 wifi hotspots in the UK in locations like Starbucks coffee shops, airports, main line train stations and service stations.

Without T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk price plan, access to wifi costs from £5 for 60 minutes, £10 per month for subscription or £20 per month for those without a T-Mobile phone.

Last month, 3 UK and T-Mobile said they have signed an agreement to combine their 3G access networks, leading to almost complete population coverage for 3G services across the country.

The operators claim the deal is the world’s largest known active 3G network sharing agreement and will give both carriers an improvement to urban in building coverage over the next two years.

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