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Maximum benefit, minimum pain: the role of standardization in modern telco

With the huge investment already made in preparation of the arrival of 5G networks, telecos may be understandably nervous about further large-scale transformation projects. Thankfully, adopting a standardization strategy offers a solution to all these concerns. Download the white paper and engage directly with Comarch’s expertise by opportunity to submit a follow-up question.

February 12, 2024

1 Min Read

Download free white paper to discover:

  • Why network standardization is necessary

  • The challenges faced by telcos as they approach digital transformation

  • The right planning and implementation strategy to maximize benefits

  • The advantages of carefully targeted changes to the network

To further guide you in the nuances of the role of standardization in modern telco, Comarch, as a sponsor of this white paper and a separate personal data controller, will be provided with your contact data to facilitate a direct connection to address any follow-up questions you may have regarding the white paper and the transformation projects in the telco market.

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