Huawei Envision Ecosystem Help Operator Succeed in Video Service

Guest author

March 30, 2017

1 Min Read

Over the past 10 years, countless operators have adopted video as a core service to help improve user stickiness and increase their ARPU. During the same period, the video business has undergone a number of transformations including the migration to HD and now 4K content, the introduction of time shifting features, and most recently the explosion of OTT content offerings around the world. In this new era of constantly changing user expectations, no one vendor can provide all the solutions. This is especially true as operators look to expand beyond entertainment TV into other areas like communications, industry video and smart cities. These solutions require open platforms and cooperation between many partners in the value chain. For these reasons, Huawei is focused on more than just building world class platforms for operators. We also enable operators to build ecosystems that they can leverage to move into new business areas quickly. This is an important capability for operators that recognize the dynamic nature of today’s video market.


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