Ofcom to release more broadband spectrum in 2008

James Middleton

December 4, 2007

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Ofcom to release more broadband spectrum in 2008

UK communications watchdog Ofcom has announced details of an auction of high frequency radio spectrum to take place in January.

The spectrum bands on offer are between the 10GHz and 40GHz bands and are capable of carrying large amounts of data over distances of up to 12 kilometres.

The spectrum is suitable for a number of different uses including high capacity broadband and could be used by organisations seeking to share wireless internet connections across buildings in close proximity.

It will be offered on a technology and service neutral basis and all licences will be tradable.

The provisional date for applications to take part in the auction is January 16 although confirmation of this will be made before Christmas.

Ofcom said the auction is “part of a programme of making the most efficient use of the UK’s valuable spectrum resource by releasing unused spectrum. This will benefit consumers by providing access to new services, greater choice and competition.”

Last week, the communications regulator began planning the use of radio spectrum for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Radio spectrum will need to be allocated for use in video links for wireless cameras; handheld radios; audio links including wireless microphones; and low power local broadcasting services for commentary during competitions and interviews.

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