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March 1, 2023

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During MWC 2023, the famous European consulting company, IDATE, held the Green All-optical Network Forum. During the forum, IDATE presented four major awards to 13 world’s leading operators. The awards include:

  1. Great Achievement of FMC Service: this award recognizes converged operators that have leveraged both fixed and mobile assets to deliver best service for the business;

  2. Great Advancement of Smart Home Service: this award recognizes operators who are the leading player in the smart home domain;

  3. Innovative All-Optical Network Infrastructure: this award recognizes operators who are leading on all-optical network infrastructure which is paramount importance for operator success;

  4. Leading Sustainable Network Operator: this award recognizes operators who achieve sustainable network development by improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in network construction and service operation.

The specific award list:





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