Netcracker Digital Satellite Solution Addresses Unique Challenges of Emerging Multi-Orbit Satellite Communications

Netcracker Digital Satellite Solution Offers a Blueprint for Operating, Managing and Monetizing Satellite Deployments

June 25, 2024

1 Min Read

Satellite operators find themselves on the cusp of a long-term growth opportunity that is likely to significantly impact telecommunications, perhaps permanently. Netcracker’s new Digital Satellite Solution takes Netcracker's expansive portfolio across real-time OSS, digital BSS and ecosystem management and puts a laser focus on the unique requirements of satellite operators, particularly the growing number of LEO and multi-orbit (LEO/MEO/GEO) operators now embarked or ready to embark on massive global satellite launches. Netcracker's approach has wisely addressed both the unique operational challenges of operating large satellite constellations, particularly for non-geostationary LEO and MEO operators, and the business model challenges all operators will face in a satellite industry that has historically struggled with profitability but is now poised for a renaissance.

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