April 10, 2018

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Unlocking the True Potential of Mobile Edge Computing in Mobile Networks

By Athonet

Despite the extensive interest in MEC, widespread deployment faces major hurdles as previously available MEC solutions implement proprietary non-3GPP standard solutions in order to maintain compatibility with security, legal intercept, charging, paging. These solutions require deep changes in operator network architecture, which is challenging for operators and are yet unable to provide highly secure and reliable low latency services (e.g. Industry4.0) that must operate independently of backhaul availability or operator network failures. This has had a blocking impact on deployment cost, complexity, security and scalability.

In response, Athonet has created a novel MEC Gateway (incorporating the innovative SGW-LBO) that addresses all of these needs and finally unlocks the true potential of MEC for mobile operators. The full details can be obtained from this Whitepaper. Unlike other approaches, the MEC Gateway natively supports all the above functionality on standard 3GPP interfaces that allows the gateway to be deployed with no other impacts to mobile operator networks. Uses extend from simple video offload to MEC cases requiring mission or business critical needs.


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