Ubuntu Linux targets mobile devices

James Middleton

May 9, 2007

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Ubuntu Linux targets mobile devices

Ubuntu, one of the more popular Linux distributions, has announced plans to tackle the portable devices space following the announcement of a new low-power processor and chipset architecture by Intel.

The Linux distribution was recently given a boost when Dell selected it as an optional operating system for its desktop machines.

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit taking place in Seville this week, developers said the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded project would focus on the “creation of a world class, free and open source operating system.accessible across notebooks, desktops, thin clients and servers.”

Rather than mobile phones, Ubuntu will be targeting small, handheld, internet-enabled graphical tablets – which may extend to smartphones – which require “innovative graphical interfaces, improved power management and better responsiveness.”

The first release of the portable edition of Ubuntu is expected to be in October.

Linux on mobile and portable devices has been gaining momentum of late. Asia already has a more experimental attitude towards handset platforms, but it seems that interest in the rebel operating system is bleeding over into Europe and the US.

OpenMoko and Gnome are also running similar mobile Linux initiatives.

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