Sprint, Clearwire champion mobile WiMAX

James Middleton

July 20, 2007

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Sprint, Clearwire champion mobile WiMAX

US carrier Sprint Nextel and wireless broadband player Clearwire joined forces on Thursday to build a nationwide WiMAX network.

The idea is to foster a quicker, broader and more efficient deployment of a mobile WiMAX broadband network than either company could accomplish on its own.

The companies said the WiMAX network is being designed to deliver mobile broadband services in urban, suburban and rural markets. Each firm expects it build its respective portion of the nationwide network and enable roaming between the respective territories. In order to optimise build out, the companies intend to exchange selected 2.5GHz spectrum.

Under the network build out plan, Sprint will focus its efforts primarily on geographic areas covering approximately 185 million people, including 75 per cent of the people located in the 50 largest US markets, while Clearwire will focus on areas covering approximately 115 million people.

The two companies expect to build out network coverage to approximately 100 million people by the end of 2008, with seamless roaming enabled between the deployed areas.

Under the deal, Clearwire will also offer Sprint’s 3G voice and data services as part of a bundle or on a stand alone basis, with both providers offering dual mode services to customers.

“This arrangement will result in stronger competition in the rapidly growing market for broadband services, and will provide consumers, national enterprises and other businesses, educators and public safety agencies greater choice and faster access to a revolutionary mobile broadband technology,” said Sprint Nextel chairman and CEO, Gary Forsee.

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