Palm releases grip on historical OS

James Middleton

May 22, 2007

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Palm releases grip on historical OS

It looks to be the end of an era for handheld manufacturer Palm, with reports coming in that the newly launched Treo 755p will be the last device based on Palm OS.

Last month, top executives at Palm announced plans to introduce a Linux-based platform.

Although the in house developed Linux platform will run existing Palm applications, it is understood that the Treo 755p will be the last device based on Palm OS proper.

US carrier Sprint Nextel launched the 755p this week, but the device met with lukewarm reviews and nothing to really distinguish it from its predecessors.

Units based on the new operating system are expected to make an appearance this year. Linux is expected to give greater stability to the operating system and Palm-based applications, whilst allowing it to handle simultaneous voice and data.

Late last year, Palm bought back the rights to the Palm OS code, known as Garnet, from Access, which had acquired the operating system developer, PalmSource.

PalmSource/Access replaced the proprietary kernel in its handset operating system with Linux following the acquisition of Chinese software firm China MobileSoft in 2004. Access has been shipping a version of Palm OS for Linux since last year.

Palm said it does not intend to licence the new Linux platform to third parties and the handheld vendor added that it has no plans to abandon the use of Microsoft Windows Mobile in some of its devices.

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