Openmoko opens architecture up further

James Middleton

August 6, 2008

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Openmoko opens architecture up further

Open source mobile phone firm Openmoko has upped its game by publishing the schematics for its Neo devices in a bid to open the platform up yet further.

The company has already made the CAD files for its products available under a Creative Commons license so product designers can alter the look and feel of the phone casing, and the device ships with an open source Linux operating system and applications.

By making the schematics available for both the Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner, engineers have free reign to modify the devices and add or remove features as they see fit.

“Why should industry be afraid of opening up its design?” said Openmoko CEO, Sean Moss-Pultz. “Schematics are simply another form of documentation and vital to future success, service and satisfaction in the market. We believe our products would be incomplete without them.”

“One of the freedoms we value the most is the freedom to explore. To fully understand the details of complex systems, to adapt and enhance them,” said Openmoko architect, Werner Almesberger.  “We now take our commitment to openness to the next level by releasing our schematics to the public, allowing anyone to find out how the system works and how to improve it.”

The Neo FreeRunner consumer device went on sale July 4, and Openmoko said that the initial allocation of the device had sold out in less than a week.

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