Hong Kong considers fixed mobile number portability

James Middleton

November 4, 2008

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Hong Kong considers fixed mobile number portability

The Hong Kong communications regulator has issued a request for comments over the proposed implementation of Fixed Mobile Number Portability (FMNP).

At the moment, fixed line subscribers may port their numbers to another fixed network operator and mobile subscribers may port their numbers to another mobile network operator, but cross platform number portability between fixed and mobile networks, commonly known as FMNP, is not yet available in Hong Kong.

The Office of the Telecommunications Authority said the introduction of FMNP should help increase cross platform competition between the fixed and mobile network operators, and encourage more efficient use increasingly scarce phone numbers.

“However, there are views requesting the Telecommunications Authority to assess carefully the impacts brought about by the introduction of FMNP in order to ensure that the regulatory regime is conducive to market development and consumer welfare ,” the regulator said.

A consumer survey commissioned by the OFTA found that around one fourth of respondents who are using fixed service may port their numbers to a mobile service if the FMNP service is provided free of charge. But the corresponding figure for porting mobile numbers to the fixed networks is much lower.

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