China Unicom Chongqing Takes the Lead in the Trial Commercial Use of Huawei OptiX Alps-WDM Solution

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February 24, 2023

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China Unicom Chongqing Takes the Lead in the Trial Commercial Use of Huawei OptiX Alps-WDM Solution
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[Chongqing, China, February 24, 2023] China Unicom Chongqing recently has completed the trial commercial use of Huawei OptiX Alps-WDM solution. This is a milestone that records not only the first trial commercial use of Alps-WDM in China, but also the construction of E2E ROADM+OTN transmission spanning from metro core, aggregation, and integrated access, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality construction of new digital ICT infrastructure.


China Unicom Chongqing actively fulfills its responsibilities, it focuses on connections, computing, data, applications, and security, adheres to the innovation-driven service concept, and takes the lead in the trail commercial use of Alps-WDM in the current network based on the rapid growth of service traffic in addition to the metro optical network characteristics of multiple rings and a few wavelengths. The trial commercial use of Alps-WDM solution improves the network capability and user experience in the following aspects:

First, 10-fold bandwidth capacity is achieved for 100G to CO sites. Bandwidth resource pools are shared for multi-regional access on-demand. This meets the requirements of FMC all-service development, greatly improves resource utilization, and makes the network viable and cost-efficient.

Second, one-hop connection at the optical layer and flexible scheduling at the electrical layer are both implemented based on E2E ROADM+OTN. This helps create an ultra-low latency circumferential coverage that features 1ms latency within the downtown area, 2.5ms latency within the entire city, and 3ms latency between Chengdu and Chongqing, further reducing the latency of the entire network and improving the flexible grooming capability.


Third, automated service planning, commissioning, and provisioning can be remotely performed in minutes in the Network Operations Center. This will dramatically enable agile response to customers’ requirements, improve O&M efficiency, and shorten the time to market (TTM).

Fourth, compared with the traditional solution, Alps-WDM solution actively pursues green and low-carbon development, helping reduce equipment room footprint and power consumption.

In the future, China Unicom Chongqing will deepen the application of cutting-edge technologies and foster four premium networks, which means the premium 5G network, premium broadband network, premium enterprise network, and premium computing power network, to inject new vitality into innovative development for various industries. The ultimate purpose is to provide premium services for users and create greater value for society.

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