James Middleton

August 15, 2008

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Android rumours abound

The rumour mill is churning out plenty of speculation about the Open Handset Alliance’s Android platform this week, with some pundits suggesting a September 17 arrival for the first device.

It is thought that T-Mobile will be the first stockist of a device sporting the open Linux-based platform developed in part by Google.

Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC seems to be a good bet for the developer of the first device, as the operating system has already been demoed on the company’s ageing Qtek 9090. Telecoms.com got a sneak peek of the platform running on white label hardware at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

Rumour says the first gadget will be dubbed the G1 and will have a presale price of around $150 and a normal price of around $400.

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