Vodafone has launched ‘The Great British Telecoms Switch’ – a marketing push aimed at getting BT broadband customers in particular to jump ship, couching it as something like a consumer rights campaign.

Andrew Wooden

March 14, 2024

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The central claim of the announcement is that customers getting their fibre from providers using the Openreach network, such as BT, EE and Sky, can get the same product for less by switching to Vodafone.

BT is the primary target of the campaign, with Vodafone claiming that customers of the incumbent can make savings of over £200 a year on average by switching over to its own broadband packages.

Many UK consumers are unaware that BT, EE, Sky and Vodafone broadband all receive the same broadband technology supplied by Openreach, says the release. “This lack of understanding means that an estimated 8 million BT customers are overpaying by over £200 a year for the same full fibre broadband also available with Vodafone.”

Vodafone reckons this equates to £1.1 billion a year. Appalled by these numbers, it is offering customers switching to its Full Fibre 900 package up to £100 to cover early termination fees if they do so – which it insists is ‘to help take the hassle out of switching broadband providers.’

Meanwhile Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) customers switching over to a Vodafone Business Broadband Pro II tariff before 30th April 2024 will save up to £514 when compared to BT Halo for Business, we’re told.

“We are launching our Great British Telecoms Switch to help people save money on their broadband and make it easier for them to switch,” said Max Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone UK. “We are committed to Ofcom’s ‘One Touch Switching’ regulation and disappointed it was delayed by our competitors, so calling on them to make sure they hit the new deadline and start making it easier for customers to get the best deal.”

Paolo Pescatore, Industry analyst, PP Foresight is quoted in the release as saying: “It’s great to see such much-needed excitement in the fixed-line broadband market. Despite the Ofcom One Touch Switch regulation being pushed back yet again to later this year, providers such as Vodafone are not resting on their laurels by ensuring choice at affordable pricing and more importantly making it easy to switch. Definitely one to watch as they continue to disrupt, reignite and kickstart the market”.

The release cites research from Uswitch claiming 43% of customers are concerned about being charged exit fees, and 30% believe there are no savings to be had by switching providers in the current market.

It’s not a non-issue if consumers are genuinely unaware of the choices in any given market, and this isn’t the first time a corporation has spun what is perhaps simply a savvy sales promotion as some sort of altruistic consumer rights issue – though it feels like a particularly transparent bit of self-interest in this case.

Meanwhile Vodafone’s marketing department have certainly decided to lean into the rivalry with BT, as can be seen by the post below.

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