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UK carriers in sender pays data trial

James Middleton

February 18, 2009

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UK carriers in sender pays data trial

Mobile transactions firm mBlox has launched the world’s first mobile cross operator ‘sender pays data’ trial in the UK this week.

The trial aims to remove consumer confusion over the purchase and download of mobile content, with mobile operators suffering criticism for stinging users with ‘hidden’ data charges.

The model allows content providers and service providers to bundle together the associated data costs for the purchase of mobile content on behalf of the consumer at the point of purchase.

However, not all operators are on board, with only four of the big five UK players getting involved in the trial, covering around 75 per cent of the market.

Four mobile content providers are involved in the trial: Fox Mobile Distribution; ShortsTV; Incentivated; and Creative North, encompassing film, music, games, marketing and education.

A ‘Zero Data Charge’ logo has also been developed to identify content available via the sender pays data trial, which will be displayed on web and mobile internet sites.

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