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The identity revolutionThe identity revolution

James Middleton

November 21, 2007

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The identity revolution

Our underlying identity is now defined by our email address and/or our mobile phone number, this has started an identity revolution, changing the way we interact, according to Corrie Froehlich, senior ICT industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Mobile Content in Africa is becoming a high growth industry with 36 per cent of adults in Africa send an SMS daily or weekly. Frost & Sullivan has also noted other progressions on the continent. Kenya is enjoying the first mobile TV – DVB-H service – after launching a DSTV package of ten channels. “We believe Nigeria is to follow in December with 12 channels. South Africa is also engaged in a number of trials with DVB-H and other TV services on 3G,” said Froehlich.

Frost & Sullivan notes that users are far less interested in the technology than what they can do with it. The wireless handset will become perhaps the principle means for accessing the internet in Africa, and the potential that that offers is enormous suggests the analyst.

“Content services in the global content industry have started to move beyond the download of simple ringtones, music and games. Business is starting to embrace mobile advertising and consumers are making more and more use of online game possibilities. Devices continue to expand their entertainment ability with regard to connectivity, multimedia and other computer-like features,” he said.

According to Froehlich, consumers of content are now becoming interactive, real time, online consumers of content that search, participate and personalise rather that only SMS and download content. “New multimode devices have redefined consumption in the 3M space of messaging, media and mobility for both consumers and business users. The mobile entertainment experience has truly become interactive,” he said.

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