China Mobile Leads 5G-A Commercialization with Nationwide Rollout

China Mobile, the world's largest telecom operator, has announced the launch of the world's first commercial 5G-A (abbreviation of 5G-Advanced) network, providing a blueprint for how the next-gen mobile network can expand operators' service offerings.

Jay Ian Birbeck

April 26, 2024

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China Mobile, the world's largest telecom operator, has announced the launch of the world's first commercial 5G-A network, with plans to roll out 5G-A in 300 cities across China within the year.

The operator is moving quickly, aiming to attract 20 million 5G-A device users within the year. To promote the launch, the telecoms giant is offering 10,000 users free upgrade packages through its official app and will open 5G-A experience centers in 100 cities across China.

China Mobile has also begun commercial deployment of 3CC CA, a 5G-A technology that combines three wireless spectrum bands to increase bandwidth and enhance data speeds, in more than 20 provinces.

This rollout is expected to accelerate the development and availability of 5G-A-compatible devices, including smartphones that can support download speeds of over 5 gigabits per second, up to 10 times faster than current 5G phones.

The operator has also stated that it is collaborating with various smartphone manufacturers to launch over 20 5G-A-compatible handsets this year.

China Mobile is keen to demonstrate that its 5G-A network is not just about faster speeds and lower latency. The network also enables the operator to offer a broader and more customizable range of services to both individual users and enterprises.

For instance, China Mobile's new 5G-A plans allow users to select different levels of service quality and pricing based on specific needs, such as bandwidth prioritization for homeworkers or reduced latency for gamers. Subscribers to these plans will notice a special 5G-A icon on their phone screens, indicating access to the advanced network.

China Mobile is showcasing how 5G-A technology can propel digital transformation across industries, with plans to develop 100 leading applications tailored for business and sector-specific needs.

In Jiangsu, China Mobile is showing how Passive IoT technology can digitally transform the retail industry by using battery-free tags to connect devices to the 5G-A network. This enables clothing stores to efficiently track products for inventory management.

Elsewhere, China Mobile's 5G deterministic network solution is allowing Midea factories in China to achieve stable wireless coordination between robots and automated guided vehicles, reducing costs and increasing production efficiency.

China Mobile has heavily invested in the development of 5G-A, not only by funding its advancement but also by leading the formulation of over 60 international 5G-A standards — ranking first among global operators.

If successful, the company's 5G-A rollout could serve as a model for operators worldwide, demonstrating how to leverage the technology to enhance their service offerings.

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