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Managing the Network Lifecycle with a Multi-Dimensional Data Model

February 8, 2019

Managing the Network Lifecycle with a Multi-Dimensional Data Model

Date: Mar 5, 2019

3-GIS-primary-large-300x119.pngEvery stage of a network’s lifecycle, from planning, rollout, to maintenance and restoration, needs to be built on solid data from multiple dimensions. This includes data not only from the services providers but also from their engineering, construction, and equipment vendors. A “geospatial data model” of the core information is critical to the successful management of assets throughout the “life-of-the-network”. Therefore, all the parties involved in the network lifecycle management should collaborate to acquire and maintain physical network data to build workflows and adopt technology that enables speed and accuracy.

In this webinar, the participants will learn:
• What are the key factors you should consider when constructing your network data model so that it can be used to facilitate virtual network technologies, enable automation and promote streamlined workflows throughout the business?
• What is the impact of a network data model in planning and construction?
• How can service providers get more value by using physical network data throughout their business?

Michael Measels, Vice President of Business Development – 3-GIS
Tim Sherman, Engineering Director – Ervin Cable and Construction
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com


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