May 31, 2023

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Finding vulnerabilities in IoT devices. Protecting the Smart Home

“Finding vulnerabilities in IoT devices” is a paper aimed at raising awareness about the many hidden vulnerabilities of smart home devices.

As of 2022, Bitdefender has tested over 80 off-the-shelf consumer smart devices. In our research we found a variety of security and privacy issues that the creators of said products had not discovered on their own. Some of these issues can be mitigated, but others cannot as they affect older devices that are no longer supported. Currently, there is no set standard as to how said risks are mitigated within the industry, so our hope is that Bitdefender’s continued research will amplify this discussion, leading to positive change. The Bitdefender Subscriber Protection Platform can help ISPs protect all connected devices for their subscribers. It’s extremely versatile and installs directly on client premise equipment, providing subscribers with comprehensive protection for their entire home network.

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