Mr. Sulaiman Almusallam, CEO of FNT Red Bull MOBILE KSA, shared the success story in Barcelona, Spain 2024. How did Red Bull MOBILE Saudi, a start-up company, achieve business goals beyond expectations in the highly competitive market in KSA?

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March 27, 2024

In 2021, Red Bull MOBILE, established by Saudi Future Networks Telecommunication, was granted an MVNO license by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC). Subsequently, in 2022, the company commenced its official MVNO operations in Saudi Arabia. Red Bull MOBILE has exceeded its customer target by 180% and its revenue target by 130% by the end of 2022.

Red Bull MOBILE, after the regulator offers being stopped in 2023, successfully navigated the market and emerged as one of the pioneering MVNOs in Saudi Arabia, achieving a remarkable milestone of 1 million active subscribers. Moreover, Red Bull MOBILE stands as the only MVNO who has the customer value management (CVM) system. Recognizing its commitment to exceptional service, it was also honored with the prestigious Best Customer Experience Award by the Customer Experience World Forum. Presently, Red Bull MOBILE's active subscriber base has surged to 1.2 million, accounting 10% of the international roaming business, which is handled by Red Bull MOBILE in Saudi Arabia.

Sulaiman Almusallam attributes Red Bull MOBILE's success in the Saudi market to two key factors:

  1. Brand effect. Red Bull runs 1250+ events in 170+ countries every year with 700+ athletes. In Saudi Arabia, there are also 15+ events including Formula One every year. Red Bull MOBILE customers can participate in these activities and even take photos with the athletes.

  2. Original GIGA COIN concept. The customer's traffic (giga bytes) is GIGA COIN. GIGA COIN never expires. Customers can get GIGA COIN when they buy traffic. GIGA COIN allows customers to participate in other Red Bull events.

Regarding the collaboration with Huawei, Sulaiman Almusallam emphasized that strong vendors are crucial for success. Red Bull MOBILE received substantial support from Huawei MVNO platform since the company was launched. In fact, Red Bull MOBILE signed the contract with Huawei in mid-2021. Over the past two years, Huawei has witnessed Red Bull MOBILE’s growth and advancement. Looking ahead, Red Bull MOBILE eagerly anticipates continuing their partnership with Huawei in 2024 and beyond, as they strive to continuously explore, implement, and achieve further accomplishments in the highly competitive market of Saudi Arabia.

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