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KPN intros home zone

James Middleton

February 6, 2007

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KPN intros home zone

Dutch operator KPN introduced a home zone service on Monday, allowing users to make mobile calls at landline prices when at home.

The MobielThuis package is available for Eur7.50 per month on top of a standard monthly mobile subscription.

When at home, mobile calls to a fixed number cost less than Eur0.03 per minute, calls to mobile numbers cost Eur0.12 and international calls cost from Eur0.07.

However, the interesting thing about KPN’s offering is that it claims the size of the vicinity covered ranges from about 100 metres in an inner city to several kilometres in the countryside.

Marco Visser, head of KPN’s consumer mobile activities in the Netherlands, said: “It’s logical that for many people the mobile phone will change from just ‘a phone’ to ‘phone number one’. At the end of the day, people call you, not a location, and the mobile phone offers the convenience of one device, one number and one address book.”

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