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WBBA Martin Creaner: Broadband Generational Roadmap Initiative

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May 13, 2022

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Internet connection with the optical fiber. Concept of fast internet

Recently, Informa, a well-known UK analysis and research institute, jointly held the “F5G Evolution Summit 2022” in Shenzhen with the participation of several operators, ETSI, WBBA and Huawei.

WBBA Director General Martin Creaner, a guest speaker on the day, disclosed that a number of industry leading companies are cooperating to address the next generation of common challenges facing the future broadband industry and that 5 initiatives have been launched by the WBBA in order tackle these challenges.

  1. Initiative 1: Generational Roadmap

  2. Initiative 2: Case Studies on broadband Industry success

  3. Initiative 3: Sustainability

  4. Initiative 4: Network Topology

  5. Initiative 5: Broadband Intelligent Operation

The first initiative – the development of a Generational Roadmap – will be critical in developing a realistic vision for the future industry. The initiative is supported by China Telecom, Swisscom, Chorus, Openserve, Nokia and Huawei. The purpose is to create an independent broadband network roadmap reflecting the requirements of future services and applications of 2030 and beyond. The roadmap will take into account the needs of both developed and emerging countries, allowing it to influence the development of gigabit societies around the world.

Martin called for companies from across the world to join the initiative to help define the future generations of broadband, build industry consensus, agree action plans and drive business research.

Host Dario Talmesio concludes, “During the F5G Summit we have learned how the industry is progressing towards the creation of an application-aware fiber market. The Fiber to Everywhere paradigm is developing and we are seeing all players not only advocating but moving towards relevant scenarios and use cases for a fiber beyond the home, the business and multiple vertical industries. The industry is making encouraging progress.”

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