Deutsche Telekom liable as EU slams Slovak Telecom

The European Commission has sent Slovak Telekom an anti-trust complaint over allegations that it has abused its market position. The EU regulator accused the local incumbent in Slovakia of stymieing competition by failing to open up its network to rivals and charging “unfair wholesale prices”.

Benny Har-Even

May 8, 2012

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Deutsche Telekom liable as EU slams Slovak Telecom
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The EU has said that Slovak Telecom has refused to unbundle its local loops and reduced competitor margins to unsustainable levels with its high wholesale charges.

“Alternative operators have experienced unreasonable and burdensome technical and commercial terms proposed by ST,” the European Commission said in a press statement. “Moreover, ST set its wholesale prices at a level that made it impossible for alternative operators to profitably enter and operate in the retail broadband market in Slovakia (margin squeeze). This has hindered the development of the broadband retail market in Slovakia.”

As its parent company Deutsche Telekom AG is liable for Slovak Telecom and as such could be hauled up in front of the EU to answer its objections.

The EU statement reveals that the Commission has not moved quickly in this case however, having first opened proceedings against Slovak Telecom in April 2009, and then against Deutsche Telekom in December 2010.

Both parties are now expected to reply in writing setting out their defence and can request an oral hearing to present their views on the case.

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