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China Unicom deeply promoted digital transformation to provide outstanding services and experience for 420 million users worldwide, ranking No.1 in TSCI(Telecom Customer Satisfaction Index)in China.

November 14, 2023

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China Unicom deeply promoted digital transformation to provide outstanding services and experience for 420 million users worldwide, ranking No.1 in TSCI(Telecom Customer Satisfaction Index)in China. The deploying and operating end-to-end AI intelligent customer contact center – 10010 smart customer contact center, helps to improve the customer satisfaction to 98.5%. The agent efficiency is greatly improved with AHT (Average Handle Time) shortened by 10% and the number of agents reduced by more than 25%. In addition, the marketing conversion rate is improved through intelligent recommendation and precision marketing after service, bringing new revenue of CNY180 million.

Under joint innovation, China Unicom and Huawei have established the smart customer contact center with largest system scale, largest number of users, and the highest traffic volume in the industry which has 10,000 agents and the monthly traffic volume exceeds 100 million. Now the contact center is transforming from cost center to user experience and value creation center.

Mr. Ma Xiufa, vice president of China Unicom Software Research Institute said, "China Unicom 10010 smart contact center has realized national centralized deployment, AI and big data technologies enable the whole process of intelligent operation and comprehensively improve the total factor production efficiency."

Based on 57 million hours of voice chat information between users and agents, 10010 smart contact center integrates AI technologies such as GenAI to build 26 end-to-end AI applications covering the whole process:

Intelligent interaction with customer: Build 220+ intelligent scenarios, such as digital human and intelligent IVR. The capabilities of voice emotion recognition, automatic voice generation, and natural language processing supported by the self-attention mechanism are used to improve the personification level of intelligent voice generation, thereby improving user experience and service efficiency. As the result, the self-service resolution rate reaches 88%, and the self-service duration is reduced by 18.8%. Actively transfer self-services to human agent services enabled by emotion recognition capabilities help to boost the manual call completion rate to 96.8% and the 15-second manual call completion rate to more than 89.9%. Through providing dedicated services for VIP users based on channel profiles, the proportion of customers who dial repeated calls decreases by 4.9%, the FCR (First Call Resolution) reaching77.3%, the complaint resolution satisfaction of 98.3%, and the overall complaint rate decreased by 23%.

E2E assistance for agent: Build intelligent assistant tools such as intelligent assistant, customer 360.Using emotion recognition, intention recognition, smart recommendation(Next Best Action、Next Best Offering), and auto case filling to improve agent processing efficiency. Integrating customer 360 information within one-screen and enabling one-click diagnosis to help agents solve 75% problems and shortens the AHT by 10%. Introducing man-machine training for agents training to realize 93.2% of new employee intelligent trainings and helps to shorten the training duration of new employees by 10%.

Seamless precision marketing: Build seamless service and traceless marketing capabilities. Through intelligent recommendation and speech guidance, channel diversion and marketing conversion rate are effectively improved, bring new subscription and revenue. Through seamless service, it has successfully diverted 1.52 million orders to offline channels, with a conversion rate of 36% and a revenue of CNY80 million. Through traceless marketing, 5 million transactions were successfully handled, with a conversion rate of 1.76% and a revenue of CNY75 million.

Intelligent operation in all scenarios: Intelligent scheduling based on forecast of incoming call volume helps the scheduling accuracy reaches 92%, the manpower forecast deviation is limited to one person. AI inspection is introduced to perform 100% full inspection of voice and text information, reducing manual inspection workload by 90%, and effectively improving operation efficiency.

Multi-layer management and monitoring: Build a multi-level monitoring system for the group, regions, and topics. 118 KPIs on the dashboard for the group are used to assist operation decision-making. Flexible and configurable reports of multiple types of topics are used to quickly solve problems and improve efficiency.

Unlock ToB market: the smart contact center has established 40+ industry service models to provide services for enterprises in the public service, retail, transportation, energy and other industries to enter the 10 billion RMB enterprise intelligent customer service market and enable the digital service transformation of enterprises.

Mr. Ma Xiufa is looking forward to the smart customer contact center 10010. "China Unicom, together with ecosystem partners such as Huawei, will continue to innovate to build a systematic and universal smart contact center service series that adapts to the digital transformation of enterprises, and will enable various scenarios within China Unicom,as well as various enterprises across industries; Building the open-source ecosystem for AI applications covering more than 20 industries, to comprehensively accelerating industry digital transformation."

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