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June 2, 2021

Timing is Everything: Getting Synchronization Right in 5G
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Date: Jun 23, 2021

Date: 23rd June
Time: 3pm BST


For a mobile network operator, timing is everything. Not just determining when to upgrade the network to bring new services to market, but in the literal sense as well. If the radio clock should lose synchronization accuracy in a radio access network (RAN), or the radios are not synchronized, the network can experience performance degradation due to interference. Synchronization of network nodes has always been essential; however, in 5G where TDD deployment is more pronounced, its importance is elevated even further. And with 5G uRLLC use cases, over the air synchronization has to meet more stringent requirements per the standards.

In this webinar, we focus on the relationship of TDD, timing and synchronization, and frame synchronization, especially for 5G TDD deployments.

Key topics include:

  • Why TDD plays a much more important role in 5G

  • Implications of TDD spectrum on timing and synchronization

  • Why current LTE synchronization methods may not be sufficient for optimal delivery of 5G advanced use cases

  • Why failing to ensure slot and frame synchronization can cause significant network challenges in 5G

Kashif Hussain, Director, Solutions Marketing – VIAVI Solutions
Wei Shi, Intelligence Manager – Telecoms.com

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