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February 9, 2016

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Stockholm, Sweden, 8 February 2016 – Polystar, a leading supplier of Network and Customer Analytics, Network Monitoring and Test solutions to the telecoms industry, today announced commercial availability of its new product, KALIX, that empowers an entirely new way of creating a data-driven customer-centric environment. Set for its global launch at Mobile World Congress 2016, this innovative addition to Polystar’s portfolio provides a completely unified real-time view of networks, services and customers and enables Communications Service Provider (CSPs) to obtain greater value from network data in a more agile way.

KALIX is the heart of a completely redesigned solution suite that fuels this new approach. It provides a common framework for a new range of solutions that are optimised for agile access to network data. KALIX, in conjunction with Polystar’s existing portfolio, delivers superior performance with a significantly smaller footprint, compared to other vendors, and unlocks a number of new and exciting possibilities.

KALIX has been designed from the outset with usability in mind. It offers intuitive work-flows, the ability to interact with live data, run ad-hoc analyses, build reports, share and collaborate. Polystar’s innovative approach delivers a capability for agile visualisation of data – reports generated by KALIX are dynamic and every data point is clickable to reveal a new layer of information CSPs can analyse.

KALIX delivers metrics that matter to CSP organisations, revealing KPIs optimised for their needs and removing obstacles presented by legacy approaches that generate thousands of KPIs, adding complexity and inhibiting use.

With KALIX, all stakeholders in the CSP organisation can ask and answer their own questions about data, since it presents the information relevant to daily work, adjusted to every skill level. KALIX allows employees at every level to make data-driven decisions, transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of entire organisations. This democratisation of data and its presentation to each stakeholder represents a significant shift in how CSPs can extract value from their networks and accelerate time to action.

“We are excited to launch KALIX. It is a game-changer, that completely redefines the practice of telco analytics, bringing simplicity to the discipline and democratising data access for all,” commented Mikael Grill, CEO of Polystar. “It’s a leapfrog from legacy solutions, which rely on complex querying tools that limit true data exploration capabilities. We believe it will help CSPs to run their businesses better and more efficiently.”

“Operators are finding it increasingly difficult to relate live user experience to network performance” added Sue Rudd, Director Service Provider Analysis at Strategy Analytics. “KALIX is a customer-centric approach that not only helps CSPs to identify issues faster, but also simultaneously determines which issues have the greatest impact on subscribers. There is a clear and pressing need for tools like this to help CSPs prioritise and act with unprecedented agility. Polystar understands this requirement and is delivering an innovative and flexible solution for End-to-End (E2E) Performance Analysis.”

Crucially, KALIX is designed for rapid adaptation and evolution. It is supported by Polystar’s global Professional Service Organisation, which works hand-in-hand with CSP partners to deliver highly tailored solutions, optimised for their specific business needs.

Polystar’s solutions provide seamless integration possibilities with the third party data sources. By combining multiple external data sources in a single interactive dashboard, Polystar helps CSPs leverage and consolidate their OSS infrastructure, regardless of whether data comes from Polystar’s probes or from other probe vendors, network elements and systems such as the CRM.

With KALIX, Polystar is taking the next step in helping its clients improve customer experience and network efficiency. Polystar is redefining telco analytics, bringing unprecedented ease of use and creating an entirely new way of visualising rich, data-driven environments.

Meet Polystar at MWC 2016 to learn how KALIX can unlock data and help the adoption of a more customer-centric approach.



Polystar enables Communications Service Providers to achieve excellence in CEM, Big Data Analytics, Service Assurance, Network Monitoring and High Performance Testing. We help CSPs to simplify their CEM strategies and drive operational efficiency through real-time network analytics. Polystar’s real-time Network and Customer Insights uncover a goldmine of data, which yields indispensible analytics to CSPs. Polystar is recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden. Since Polystar’s foundation in Stockholm in 1983, we have experienced continuous and sustainable growth, and evolved to a global presence, serving our customers in over 50 countries.

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