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MWC Shanghai 2019: Huawei Empowers Global Operators to Lead in the 5G Era


June 27, 2019

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[Shanghai, China, June 26, 2019] Huawei’s theme at MWC 19 Shanghai is “Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent World”. At the exhibitions, forums, and summits during this event, Huawei will share its best solutions and case studies in 5G network deployment, optimization, and service provisioning with global operators and partners. Huawei’s sharing will cover multiple topics, including 5G full coverage, simplified 5G sites, 5G service development, industry applications, and AI-powered operations. In doing so, Huawei aims to support operators with fast-pace, large-scale commercial deployment of 5G networks, and push business boundaries. This will help all industries adopt 5G, and create a future with intelligent connectivity.

As global digitization accelerates with new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), mankind is entering a fully connected, intelligent world. The telecommunications industry, as the cornerstone of intelligent connectivity, has thus entered a new development cycle.

To address these changes, Huawei has set up booths in Hall N1 with the theme of “5G is ON, Connecting an Intelligent Future”. It welcomes global industry elites and opinion leaders to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and discuss the opportunities and challenges that a fully connected, intelligent world can bring to mankind.


Huawei booths in Hall N1 at MWC19 Shanghai

With global 5G standards, networks, consumer devices, and applications all ready, 5G commercialization is accelerating, and countries including South Korea, Switzerland, and the UK are already deploying 5G commercial networks. Huawei has invested US$2 billion in 5G over the past decade, and has developed leading 5G capabilities in every aspect, from chipsets and products to networking. It is the only telecommunications company in the world that is able to provide end-to-end 5G commercial solutions. So far, Huawei has signed commercial contracts with more than 50 operators worldwide, and has shipped over 150,000 5G base stations. Huawei helps operators seize first-mover advantages and deliver premium user experiences on 5G.

On June 6, 2019, 5G licenses were officially issued in China, kicking off the country’s 5G deployment. Huawei has worked with China’s three major operators on large-scale 5G commercial pilots in over 40 cities, and those networks are all ready for commercial use. With end-to-end leadership in every aspect, including 5G base stations, transport networks, core networks, and 5G consumer devices, Huawei helps Chinese operators lead the world in 5G.

In its booths in Hall N1, Huawei will showcase updates on its global 5G commercialization, its end-to-end 5G products and solutions, and how its solutions help address practical operator issues from the perspectives of 5G coverage, site buildouts, operations, and service development. Huawei will also jointly showcase current 5G applications in various industries with Chinese operators and demonstrate Cloud VR and Cloud AR applications together with South Korea’s LG U+. They will work together to allow guests to experience the changes that 5G brings to society and people’s lives.

Based on existing networks, Huawei continuously innovates in networks, services, and business models. With innovative business solutions such as LTE with 5G-like experience, 10G PON gigabit city, and cloud-network synergy, Huawei works with customers to explore new business models and boundaries of the telecoms industry, and help operators achieve new business growth.

During MWC 19 Shanghai, Huawei Consumer BG is also showcasing a number of popular products, including smartphones such as P30, tablets, and watches. The M6 tablet series recently launched in Wuhan will also be displayed. Huawei will continue to communicate with consumers and the world through better products, services, technologies, and innovations.

MWC Shanghai 2019 will be held in Shanghai, China on June 26–28, 2019. Huawei’s exhibition areas include halls E10 and E70 in Hall N1 and the Innovation City zone at booth ICA01 in Hall N5 of Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). For more details, please refer to carrier.huawei.com/en/events/mwcs19.

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