Implementing 5G Edge Computing

September 14, 2020

Implementing 5G Edge Computing

Date: Oct 14, 2020

Date: 14th OctoberPGS Software – Medium
Time: 3pm UK Time

Multi-access edge computing (MEC), formerly known as mobile edge computing, has been catching the telecoms industry’s imagination for many years. However its large-scale commercial implementation in real life has been elusive. The fast rollout of 5G is changing the landscape and is taking MEC closer to reality than ever before, which will provide a new strong value proposition to the 5G operators aiming to bring these technologies to the enterprise market.

In this webinar we will look at how 5G and Edge Computing bring a promise of high ROI and present three real world use cases that fulfil it:

  • Oil & Gas – Edge Computing can be used for remote pumping and distribution sites, connected through 5G networks to a main automation system.

  • Transportation – 5G edge computing can be used to monitor environmental controls – such as temperature – while food and beverage items are in transit.

  • Smart factory – real time video analytics and advanced computer vision algorithms can greatly reduce the need for sensors, replacing them with an intelligent monitoring system to measure production parameters.

Maciej Mazur, Chief Data Scientist – PGS Software
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager –

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