5G Security: Safeguarding the network and your customer data

August 26, 2020

5G Security: Safeguarding the network and your customer data
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Date: Sep 23, 2020

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Time: 10am UK Time

5G will become a critical enabler for the digital economy and the digital society in the coming decade and it also marks a fundamental change in how networks are built, operated and managed. It presents a massive opportunity for service providers enabling new use cases across many industry verticals but it also introduces new security requirements.

For example, virtualized network architectures can provide communication services to billions of devices but they also need security at a larger scale. Similarly, 5G’s high bandwidth and/or low latency enables new use cases but these may require applications to be hosted in distributed edge compute sites, which brings new security threats and attack vectors.

In this webinar we will share details on new security challenges that are anticipated in the evolving 5G ecosystem. We will cover:
• Mitigating infrastructure DDoS attacks in an all-virtual 5G network
• Securing mission-critical applications in edge compute architectures
• The role of API security in 5G architectures
• Network visibility at scale in a 5G environment
• Automation and orchestration of security policies

Bart Salaets, Senior Director Solution Architects EMEA – F5
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com

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